IDT911 is now CyberScout
There's a new name in the fight against identity and data theft: CyberScout. We offer the same high-level protection, outstanding personal service and proactive education to keep you safe. CyberScout. We'll take it from here.
Cyber Safety Tips
Protection tips and tricks to keep you and your organization secure against threats.

Minimize. Monitor. Manage.

Complete Identity and Data Defense Systems


Protection against vulnerabilities that can happen at every age, stage and touchpoint in life.


Protect your organization and your clients against unwanted data breaches.


Monitor credit and non-credit info against fraud through the misuse of customer identities and credit data.


Help your elite clients manage their personal identity, credit and household data risks.


Real-time connection to experts equipped to meet the specific needs of commercial carriers.


Fill the gaps and strengthen your security posture with practical, actionable recommendations.

Success Stories
CyberScout | Mary Isaacs Testimonial

Valued Benefits and New Revenue Streams

CyberScout offers customized, comprehensive programs designed to meet the needs of your industry and your customer base. Learn more about the unique benefits our programs offer.

Insurance Insurance

Financial Information Financial Institutions

Employee Benefits Employee Benefits

Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
California Casualty
Product: LifeStages
California Casualty shares its experience of true partnership with CyberScout.
Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
Great American Insurance Group
Great American Insurance Group leadership share leading trends they are seeing and why CyberScout...
Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
Altra Federal Credit Union
Product: LifeStages
Altra Federal Credit Union leadership share the difference CyberScout makes to their members and...
Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
Manny Padilla Jr.
Product: FraudScout

Manny Padilla Jr talks about the decision to use CyberScout as their solution.

Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
Joel Ray
Product: FraudScout

Joel Ray, CEO of New Benefits discuss the value of CyberScout’s FraudScout and LifeStages...

Customer Success Story
Témoignages clients
Eric Franz

Eric Franz, with Aviva and Steven Sanders with CyberScout discuss the value of CyberScout’s...


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CyberScout's partnership options help you safeguard the identity and privacy of your policyholders, customers, members and employees. Discover how a customized program can help build brand loyalty, customer retention, and quickly generate long-term recurring revenue.

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