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In this issue: Learn what lawmakers are doing to protect foster children from identity theft. Information security expert Ondrej Krehel explains the ransom virus. International privacy guru Dr. Ann Cavoukian outlines how businesses and governments can protect your privacy and make your life easier. Plus, our globe-trotting experts share 21 tips for business travelers.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Raising children today requires more tech know-how than ever. But it’s hard to stay on top of online threats that seem to multiply daily. We’re learning—sometimes the hard way—the value in teaching young people how to manage their digital identities.

But we’re only just beginning to understand the many ways our children’s identities—digital and analog—are vulnerable. In this issue we examine how foster children are particularly susceptible to identity crimes. This is a group of young people whose personal information passes through many different adult hands. The identification cards they use to get government support often display their Social Security numbers, putting them at risk for identity fraud. Our story looks at what lawmakers are doing to protect them. We also offer tax tips for families who are part of the foster care system.

Ransomware, malware that first appeared in the 1980s, is making a comeback. Hackers use this malicious software to take over victims’ computer systems and then give them back to their owners—for a price. In this month’s Fraud Files feature, “Kidnapped! Data Held Hostage,” chief information security officer Ondrej Krehel and fraud investigator Mark Fullbright explain how to recognize this threat and what to do if it strikes your PC.

Business travelers are all too aware of security threats while on the road. They must protect their company's information and equipment from corporate spies, criminals and, sometimes, themselves. Our security experts share 21 tips for protecting your company’s data. 

Finally, we’re honored to feature Dr. Ann Cavoukian, information and privacy commissioner of Ontario, Canada, in this month’s Ask the Expert column. Cavoukian, one of the world’s leading privacy experts, established the concept of Privacy by Design in the 1990s. Here, she shows how it can make a difference in consumers’ lives—and she reveals how a childhood experience inspired her work.

As always, we hope you enjoy.

Matt Cullina
Chief Executive Officer

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