New Year, New Start to Protect Your Identity and Data

CyberScout Newsletter | January 2012

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this issue we offer insights and tips to make 2012 the year you resolve to fight back against identity theft. Our experts spotlight new ways thieves and hackers will try to steal your information. Plus, they share security tips for entrepreneurs and home-based businesses. Lastly, we've got the lowdown on how victims of the Zappos breach can protect their passwords. 

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Identity Theft in 2012: What to Expect 

Phishing scams, smartphone hacks and online tracking: These identity theft trends may sound familiar. Our experts say you can expect to see these risks continue, along with new and more sophisticated ways that thieves will compromise your identity.

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Top 10 Security Trends in 2012

If you thought hacktivism, privacy violation fines and cloud security were so last year, think again. CyberScout experts highlight risks that will impact your organization in 2012. 

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The Rich are Differentand Identity Thieves Know It

Wealthy individuals are at high risk for identity fraud, even from their own employees. Taking steps to prevent theft in the first place is the best defense.

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Five Ways to Revamp the Security of Your Home-Based Business

Working from home offers freedom and flexibility, but it also opens the door to data breaches that can jeopardize your client relationships and bottom line. Follow these tips to preserve the integrity of your data.  

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