Which Tax-Filing Websites Make the Grade?

CyberScout Newsletter | February 2012

Privacy Is Our Passion™

Love may be blind, but you can’t afford to be. In this issue, read about the trend in trading passwords between couples, and get tips for protecting your identity after a breakup. Learn how one man’s ex ran up his credit cards, and how we helped. Follow our guide for creating a chart to manage your identity assets. And, before you turn in your taxes, learn which e-file websites care most about your consumer privacy. 

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Don't Give Love a Bad Name with Password Sharing  

Give chocolate or flowers for Valentine’s Day. Don’t share passwords to online accounts. It may be a way to prove your love, but it could lead to trouble, including identity theft.

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Veteran Grapples with Ex-Wife's Dishonorable Credit Card Charges

John Trenton’s ex stole his identity to charge $10,000 to fake credit cards in his name. His luck turned around when CyberScout stepped in to help

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Manage Your Identity Assets
Is as Easy as PII 

Don’t let thieves steal a piece of your PII (personally identifiable information). Take control by better understanding what data shapes your identity and the role it plays in your life. Use our PII Chart™ to learn more.

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Which Tax-Filing Websites
Make the Grade?

Filing your taxes online? Find out which IRS Free File websites scored high grades for protecting users’ privacy and which ones earned a big fail

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