Epsilon Attack Underscores Trend in Vendor Breaches

April Newsletter

CyberScout Newsletter | March 2011

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this month's newsletter we examine the aftermath of the massive security breach at the online marketing firm Epsilon. Our experts share tips on what consumers and businesses can do to protect personal information.

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Don't Get Caught by Spear Phishing

Between and Rock, a Hard Place...and the IRS

When a company's business partner mishandles customer data, consumers can fight back by giving businesses as little information as possible.

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Privacy by Design: Good for CEOs and Consumers, Too

With a proactive approach to privacy protection, today's companies can head off problems before they start and win over customers.

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Spooked by Spokeo

When 1040's collide

Online information brokers can help you find a long-lost relative or an old flame. But these sites put you at risk for identity theft. Find out how to keep your information safe.

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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Small companies can protect customer data just as well as the big guys by following these privacy and data security practices from Brian McGinley, CyberScout's senior vice president of data risk management.

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