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February 17, 2017
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Imagine your business has no access to electronic information on computers or a network. No file shares, Word documents, email, databases, or Excel spreadsheets. No PDFs. No applications. No access to Windows. How much would your organization be willing to pay to regain access and control over its information and systems? Cyber criminals are counting on this readiness to pay when they unleash ransomware on an organization.  


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February 3, 2017
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Did you hear about the guy from Bucksnort, Tennessee, who sent a catfisher his life savings after a steamy back-and-forth on a popular dating app? The amount lost: $4,395.45, which was the supposed cost of airfare and visa expedition for the victim’s true love to get from Kiev, Ukraine.

If you think you did hear about it, you’re mistaken, because I made it up. The reason I did that: Too many catfishing scams go unreported. As a result, awareness does not match the threat.


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