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October 7, 2011

A group of privacy and consumer organizations called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Facebook for recent changes that they say could endanger citizens’ privacy and violate federal privacy laws. In a letter from the Electronic Privacy Information Center and nine other groups, advocates warned that Facebook’s new policies threaten to share too much personal information with advertisers.


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October 6, 2011

It was business as usual for Kelly Colgan when she made the trek to New York City from Rhode Island for a work function.  She soon discovered that she was stranded in the Big Apple when her debit card, and only means of payment, was frozen.

Her bank had discovered she was a victim of the...

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October 3, 2011



Intellectual property theft isn't new. But hacker attacks on companies and governments used to be hush-hush, coming to light only years after the fact.

Now, it seems they're making headlines on a weekly basis. This year alone we've read about hacker attacks on a number of governments and corporations.

Read more about cyber war...

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September 30, 2011

The email below popped into my inbox this morning—and it was suspicious from the start.

What immediately caught my eye: a partially listed credit card number, a request to download information, and a threat that my card would be blocked if I didn’t input requested information correctly.

Millions of fraudulent emails are sent...

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September 30, 2011

By Ondrej Krehel, Identity Theft 911

What has been done will be done again, the old saying goes. There is nothing new under the sun.

That applies to a, a new website that has turned hacking into a game of sorts. Hackers submit details of their...

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By Admin
September 28, 2011

By Brian McGinley, Identity Theft 911

We have moved from being a computer-assisted society to one that is computer-dependent. Controlling that dependence is critical to maintaining a secure operation. Admittedly, that requires assistance from technical experts. But good control begins with a company’...
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