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Vulnerable computer systems could pose an economic threat to any organization, and be used in criminal activities. Join us as Anna Carlin and Dan Manson, of Cal Poly Pomona, discuss cyber security threats and share solutions using best practices.  They will also outline their polytechnic approach in teaching cybersecurity through hands-on learning, and how your organization can partner with universities to develop a future workforce that is better equipped to address these threats.

Learning Objectives:

  • State the most common cybersecurity risks to organizations.
  • Identify cybersecurity measures or controls to address cybersecurity threats in your organization.
  • Identify resources available to develop best practices.
  • Understand the polytechnic approach to cybersecurity education.

Anna Carlin, CISA, Lecturer, Cal Poly
Dan Manson, CISSP, Professor, Cal Poly

Cyber attacks are occurring with greater frequency and devastating effects. This trend is creating great opportunities—and challenges—for insurers developing cyber products. Underwriting cyber risk is complex, and recent legislative changes will impact data protection and breach reporting for businesses in every industry.

In this webinar from Insurance Post and CyberScout, UK industry experts will reveal:

  • How to build and launch a product that speaks to customers and encompasses their needs
  • How to structure and develop pricing for cyber offerings
  • How to minimise business interruption after a breach
  • Steps to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
  • The Benefits of offering best practices before a disaster strikes

Matthew Webb, Head of Technology, Cyber and Data Underwriting, Hiscox
Geoff White, Underwriting Manager for Cyber, Technology and Media, Barbican Insurance
Erica Constance, Senior Vice President, Cyber and Data Underwriting, Hiscox
Tim Stapleton, Vice President, Cyber Insurance Product Manager, Chubb
Tom Spier, Director of Business Development, CyberScout

Cyber liability coverage is a constantly changing insurance offering – and with it comes a host of coverage gaps unknown to insurance agents, brokers, and the businesses they protect. This in-depth webinar from A.M. Best and CyberScout will discuss the emerging risks to small and medium-sized businesses and the corresponding coverages to address them.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The issues affecting small and medium-sized businesses, including the latest social engineering schemes and the newest fines and penalties
  • What to ask in order for insureds to get the best fit for their needs
  • The grey areas in cyber that may cover risks – or not
  • How to best protect your insureds using simple risk management strategies


Christopher Ellis, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Berkley Re
John Ercolani, Vice President, AP Specialty - a business unit of ProAccess LLC and Herbert L. Jamison & Co., LLC
Tim Francis, Enterprise Cyber Lead, Travelers
Steven Sanders, Director of Business Development, CyberScout

Planning around protection of employees, assets and proprietary information
 Cyber and breach threats are a top concern for financial institutions and their business customers. When sensitive information is exposed, it threatens a financial institution's trustworthiness, credibility, and bottom line. It also places employees and customers at risk for fraud and identity theft.  This webinar will explore how education, planning, and preparedness will help minimize the threat and risk.  
 Areas of Focus
  • What are cyber and data breaches and what impact could they have on my financial institution and customers?
  • How do I prepare a protection plan to guard against the impending threat?             
  • The end result of recognizing increased levels of satisfaction and loyalty among employees and customers 

FEATURED SPEAKER: Kelley Lizarraga, Director of Business Development, CyberScout

Employers are striving to expand their benefit offerings with voluntary products that stand out. Identity management services are becoming a popular go-to solution because they help to attract and retain employees, as well as keep them more productive at work.

In this webinar, sponsored by CyberScout, learn more about these key topics:

  • The benefits of offering identity management services to employees and employer clients
  • The impact of recent regulations on employer strategies
  • Why identity protection leads to a more productive workforce
  • How brokers and employers can position identity protection as a wellness benefit, and
  • How employees can protect their identities during tax season

Joel Ray, Chairman and CEO, New Benefits
John J. “Jody” Sevy, CLU, Managing Partner, Solid Nine Solutions, LLC
Tiffany Stiller, Vice President, Carrier Relations, BenefitMall
Page Elliott, Director of Business Development, CyberScout
Paul Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, BenefitsPro.com

Based on data from thousands of respondents, Javelin has examined the impact of data breaches on small businesses and their customers and are able to offer a complete picture of the types of damage that can occur to customer relationships and the ever-important bottom line. We have also compiled best practices for preventing breaches and managing the fallout after one occurs.

Watch this webinar archive to learn more around: 

  • The rate at which breaches are affecting small businesses and their customers
  • How small businesses are typically compromised by cybercriminals
  • The effect of data breaches on customer loyalty and repeat revenue
  • The types of data being targeted in small business data breaches
  • Typical remediation steps and associated costs

Peter Moraga, Vice President of Client Development, CyberScout
Al Pascual, Research Director, Head of Fraud & Security, Javelin

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