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Ransomware: Practical Ways to Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware Risk


Learn how to protect your firm and clients from this novel form of extortion.

Ransomware holds your business-critical data hostage until you pay a ransom to cyber criminals. In the first quarter of 2016 alone, victims lost $209 million due to this digital pandemic. And experts agree, it has only just begun.

This essential webinar will delve into the biggest threat to law firm and client data today, exploring:

  • The origins and evolution of ransomware
  • Why it’s only going to get worse
  • Why law firms and their clients are especially at risk
  • Immediately actionable steps to keep your data safe

Richard Blumberg, Director of Data Breach Response, CyberScout
Eric Hodge, Director of Consulting, CyberScout
Cinthia Granados Motley, partner, Sedgwick LLP

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