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Allied Trust Insurance Company Launches IDT911 Identity Management Services with 24/7 Support

Allied Trust Insurance Company Launches CyberScout Identity Management Services with 24/7 Support
March 9, 2016
Expert: CyberScout

Policyholders will have dedicated access to a fraud specialist for personalized proactive assistance and identity theft recovery services

Allied Trust Insurance Company today announced its partnership with CyberScout™ to offer policyholders LifeStages® Identity Management Services—a personalized service that provides proactive education, risk-reduction strategies, identity theft protection, privacy management, and unlimited 24/7 resolution support to help fight and resolve identity theft and fraud.

More than just detection and reactive monitoring, LifeStages provides consumer education, as well as personal advocacy and guidance 24/7 through the CyberScout resolution center. CyberScout provides personalized services to help policyholders replace lost or stolen documents, reinstate an email or social media account after a compromise, and recover from various types of identity theft, like tax, medical, child, and more.

Life’s greatest moments and events—having children, attending college, getting married, buying a home, retiring—bring different risks and exposures. LifeStages Identity Management Services uniquely comprehensive program helps policyholders and their household family members, manage their identities, resolve fraud and provide peace of mind at every age, stage and touchpoint in life.

To learn more about Allied Trust Insurance Company’s services, visit or call 281-833-1400.

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About CyberScout™

CyberScout™ is the leading provider of services that help businesses and their customers defend against data breaches and identity theft. CyberScout’s unique approach—delivering proactive protection, preventive education, and swift resolution—offers unrivalled support for more than 660 client partners and 17.5 million households. With its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberScout Consulting™, CyberScout delivers information security and data privacy expertise to help businesses avert and respond to data loss. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., the company has several locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Ireland to serve partners in Europe.          

About Allied Trust Insurance Company

Allied Trust Insurance Company was formed in 2015 as an admitted, Texas domiciled personal lines insurance company who is currently writing Homeowners insurance with plans to offer Auto, Flood and Umbrella insurance in mid-2016. Led by an experienced team of industry professionals, Allied Trust deploys industry leading exposure management expertise that is critical in providing a stable long term insurance company in catastrophic exposed states. Allied Trust believes in forming strong partnerships with our agents, service providers and, most importantly, policyholders. By working together we can provide the best service and security for our policyholders at the lowest cost possible.

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