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CyberScout Launches Innovative Solution to Protect Customers Against Cyber Fraud, Increase Engagement, and Add Revenue

CyberScout Launches Innovative Solution to Protect Customers Against Cyber Fraud, Increase Engagement, and Add Revenue
October 24, 2017
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CyberScout® HQ is the one-stop place for all identity management and cyber security needs

Providence, RI, and Scottsdale, AZ—October 24, 2017 — Today CyberScout announced CyberScout® HQ, the first comprehensive marketplace for identity management, privacy, and cyber security education, products, and services. Designed to increase customer and employee engagement, CyberScout HQ gives consumers a simple, intuitive and streamlined way to interact with a full suite of identity and data defense solutions, tools and education.

Improving customer engagement is a key objective for insurers. Customers are demanding that their insurers adopt fast, responsive, multichannel models that are informed by data. CyberScout addresses these key demands in the marketplace, providing individuals with a one-stop-shop solution for all services relating to cyber protection and, in doing so, connects subscribers, brokers and insurers in an active conversation around the current and future threats to individual identity.

Identity management is one of the fastest growing voluntary benefits companies can extend to their employees, too. Supporting fraud victims with identity management services has been shown to improve recruitment as well as retention. In addition, employees who are victimized can stay on the job knowing their case is being remediated by a trusted source.

Designed as an online marketplace, CyberScout HQ’s intuitive experience promotes consistent interaction with consumers. It includes CyberScout’s most comprehensive service, LifeStages Identity Management with Resolution Services, complemented by ongoing educational tips and add-on security products. Everything customers need to combat cyber crime can be found in CyberScout HQ, reducing exposure to cyber threats while building customer loyalty and generating risk-free revenue for insurers and loyalty for employers.

The CyberScout HQ marketplace can be white-labeled to build positive brand association with insurers and flexibly configured to address multiple audience segments and prioritized threats for households and businesses. Drawing on insights about customer behavior, providers can make customized offers and advertising according to customer risk profiles and client preferences.

“CyberScout HQ is a game changer for leading insurers and employers who want to get closer to their customers and employees, attract new demographics and innovate more rapidly,” said CyberScout CEO Matt Cullina. “Bringing together the breadth of CyberScout’s industry-leading services and expertise, CyberScout HQ addresses multiple threats to households and businesses, protecting customers from the spiraling risks of today’s digital, social and mobile lifestyle and the hyper growth of cyber crime.”

CyberScout HQ is unique in its comprehensive yet streamlined approach to reducing risk. CyberScout HQ minimizes customers’ exposure to cyber risk; monitors their personal information with fraud-focused defense services; and manages any damage to their identity, privacy, and security in the event of a breach with personal advocacy from CyberScout’s award-winning team of fraud experts.

The CyberScout HQ marketplace debuts with two essential tools for consumers to protect against identity theft: Truman Grade and Password Protector.

  • Truman Grade is a browser extension that monitors web sites and grades each site on its security so customers can proactively protect their personal information. It alerts the customer to a risk in real time so they can make informed decisions and connect only to safe, legitimate web sites, avoiding privacy risks, phishing schemes, and insecure online forms.
  • Password Protector provides a safe and easy way to keep track of unique passwords, reducing the risk of the users’ accounts being hacked. It’s the first password vault that can be branded by insurers as part of their CyberScout HQ marketplace.

CyberScout HQ is available immediately. For a demonstration of the product, visit

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