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Florida State University Credit Union Launches IDT911 Identity Theft Protection Services

Florida State University Credit Union Launches CyberScout Identity Theft Protection Services
April 5, 2016
Expert: CyberScout

Members will have access to proactive identity theft support and resolution, including services to help with phishing emails, tax-related identity theft, privacy settings support, and other widespread fraud issues

Florida State University (FSU) Credit Union today announced a partnership with CyberScout™ to offer members LifeStages® Identity Management Services and FraudScout® credit and fraud monitoring. The bundled services offer peace of mind to members by proactively guarding their identity and quickly alerting them of any fraudulent activity, helping to avoid identity and reputation damage. If fraud is detected, members are comforted knowing they have 24/7 access to fraud resolution specialists.

LifeStages offers both proactive support and full-service resolution assistance 24/7, including services for:

  • Child, financial, tax, medical, employment, and other forms of identity theft
  • Social media or email compromise
  • Phishing
  • Privacy settings support
  • Military and travel support
  • Assisted living and estate support
  • Break-in recovery
  • Document replacement
  • Data breach assistance

The FraudScout offering will monitor credit information through its:

  • Annual TransUnion credit report
  • Annual TransUnion credit score
  • Daily Trans Union credit file monitoring.
  • $25,000 identity theft reimbursement expense

FSU Credit Union members can be comforted knowing that CyberScout fraud specialists have an average of nine years of fraud resolution experience and are available around the clock. CyberScout has been the recipient of a number of customer service awards. The CyberScout Resolution Center receives top marks in customer satisfaction from resolution victims, achieving 99-percent satisfaction rates or higher since 2010.

To learn more about CyberScout and how its services can help attract and retain members, create a new revenue stream, and increase brand loyalty, visit

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About CyberScout™

CyberScout™ is the leading provider of services that help businesses and their members defend against data breaches and identity theft. CyberScout’s unique approach—delivering proactive protection, preventive education, and swift resolution—offers unrivalled support for more than 660 client partners and 17.5 million households. With its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberScout Consulting™, CyberScout delivers information security and data privacy expertise to help businesses avert and respond to data loss. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., the company has several locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Ireland to serve partners in Europe.                                                                                                                              

About FSU Credit Union

Florida State University Credit Union (FSUCU) offers a full range of financial services, including personal and business banking needs. FSUCU's mission is to "maximize members' financial well-being" and their board, management team and staff consistently strive to offer competitive products and excellent service to those consumers choosing an innovative alternative to conventional banking. FSUCU continues to operate as a not-for-profit; member-owned financial cooperative with locations in Leon, Taylor and Wakulla counties in addition to 5,000+ shared service locations nationwide. Membership is open to individuals living or working in  Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Taylor or Wakulla County. 

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