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IDT911 Revamps Industry Leading DataRiskStages® Service for More Accurate Cyber Underwriting, Simplified Claims Handling, and Enhanced Service for Commercial Policyholders

CyberScout Revamps Industry Leading DataRiskStages® Service for More Accurate Cyber Underwriting, Simplified Claims Handling, and Enhanced Service for Commercial Policyholders
February 8, 2016
Expert: CyberScout

DataRiskStages overhaul promises efficient cyber underwriting and claims handling; superior breach avoidance and remediation support for insurance companies and their policyholders

CyberScout™ announced significant enhancements to its industry leading DataRiskStages® data breach mitigation and remediation service to better support insurance companies and their commercial policyholders. Anticipating insurance industry needs, the DataRiskStages platform has been enriched with three new features: to help avoid and manage a breach, CyberClaims911™  for more efficient claims handling, and new analytics for more accurate cyber underwriting.

Combined, the three services offer triple threat cyber service for the insurance industry.

  • For commercial policyholders, from DataRiskStages offers important and comprehensive pre-breach risk awareness education and post-breach remediation guidance. Users have access to data protection tips and education guides, breach scenarios, easy-to-use risk calculators, timely and current information security content, planning guides and templates and information regarding risk regulation and compliance. Additionally, the platform provides commercial customers with intuitive post-breach response guidance designed to quickly connect an organization experiencing a breach with CyberScout’s leading team of data breach response and resolution advisors.
  • CyberClaims911 is the first and only third-party administrator that focuses solely on cyber claims processing—delivering industry-leading data breach avoidance and resolution services resulting in stronger management over losses and reduced operating expenses. CyberClaims911 delivers expert breach avoidance and resolution services; handling claims for all aspects of cyber coverage – from first to third party coverages, including incident response, business or network interruption, liability exposures, and more. The service is designed for carriers just entering the cyber insurance space or looking to reduce claims, handling costs, and inefficiencies.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting from CyberScout strengthens your insight when underwriting cyber risks. This new offering aggregates anonymized cyber and data breach data to help make informed underwriting and pricing decisions. As the database grows, CyberScout will supply insurance companies with aggregated reports and analysis directly relating to the data they contributed, as well as information from the larger pool of aggregated data collected for industry-wide comparisons and information.

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Insurance companies maintain their competitive edge with CyberScout’s best-in-class services. Offering or upgrading DataRiskStages to commercial policyholders provides a new revenue channel, expands the product portfolio, and strengthens their brand and customer relationships – without burdening internal resources.

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