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IDT911 changed its name to CyberScout

IDT911 changed its name to CyberScout
January 10, 2017
Expert: Charles Sanderson

January 11, 2017 — Today IDT911 changed its name to CyberScoutTM (, reaffirming its mission to keep a watchful eye over its clients in today’s world of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Over the past 13 years, the company has built a reputation as the gold standard for identity and data defense services – from proactive protection and education to successful resolution. After in-depth market research and consultation with clients, the company saw a clear need to transition the brand identity to one that is more reflective of the organization and its global mission today while supporting future growth plans.

Our new name conveys CyberScout’s peerless ability to scout out and protect customers from new threats in multiple markets and our advanced understanding of the cybersecurity technology landscape.

Combining on-the-ground experience with high-touch personal service, CyberScout stays ahead of threats as thieves and hackers get increasingly sophisticated and bold. When they push boundaries, we push back. Providing more than just expert protection, CyberScout also delivers in-depth preventive education, to give our clients the best defense services possible.

At CyberScout, we go above and beyond to achieve a successful resolution — responding, reassuring and ultimately recovering our clients’ information and more importantly, their identities and reputations.

Our services matter more than ever today. According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Study, the number of data security incidents across the world rose by 38% in 2015, the biggest increase since the survey began.

In coming months, we’ll broaden our offerings that proactively protect clients and help them protect themselves and their customers. The name CyberScout better represents the company as we continue to grow internationally, too. CyberScout’s operations centers in Phoenix, AZ, Montreal, Canada, and Galway, Ireland, are now joined by Scandinavian fraud experts, further expanding services into broader Europe.

Transitioning to CyberScout. For our clients in the insurance, financial services and employee benefits industries, CyberScout offers three key services:

  • Addressing evolving threats through education and awareness
  • Protecting clients and their customers by serving as an advocate and support network  
  • Recovering what was lost in the event of a data breach or identity theft

With the existing IDT911 brand trusted by millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses since 2003, the company plans a gradual transition to the new brand through June 2017. This transitional period will allow clients and partners to update documents, web sites, social media and other communications with the new brand, while offering seamless, uninterrupted service to their customers. IDT911 has achieved above 99% customer satisfaction year after year, so putting client interests front and center was a prime consideration for the new CyberScout brand.

“I founded IDT911 13 years ago and I’m immensely proud of the millions of people we have helped to navigate the nightmare that is identity theft,” said Adam Levin, founder of CyberScout, formerly IDT911. “Our mission hasn’t changed but the cyber threats facing businesses and consumers have multiplied and become increasingly complex and our services have evolved to reflect the emerging environment. The new CyberScout brand better reflects how the company protects and aids consumers and businesses in an era of unprecedented risk to their privacy and data.”

“We are lucky to have such an engaged and invested customer base, who helped us evaluate our brand through productive dialogue and feedback,” said Matt Cullina, CEO of CyberScout. “Conversations with our valued partners reaffirmed our mission. We were honored to be described as proven experts, compassionate partners and innovative leaders, which reflect our drive to provide the best available cyber protection for employees, members, policyholders and customers.”

The same high-level of protection. The same outstanding personal service. The same champion in your corner. Constantly staying ahead of existing threats and working with you night and day to keep you safe and recover what was lost. CyberScout™. We’ll take it from here. 

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