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IDT911 Sponsors L.A.P.D. Detective Tribute

CyberScout Sponsors L.A.P.D. Detective Tribute
November 21, 2003
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CyberScout is proud to support "A Night with Joe Friday — A Tribute to L.A.P.D. Detectives," a special awards dinner being held on Saturday 22 November in Los Angeles. This tribute, produced in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Museum and Community Education Center, honors the detectives of the Los Angeles Police Department and their civilian support staff. Funds raised will help create a permanent detective tribute at the museum and support community education programs there.

"CyberScout works closely with law enforcement to resolve cases of identity theft, identity fraud, and related crimes," said CyberScout CEO Steve Christenson. "We welcome this opportunity to acknowledge the men and women on the front lines of this fight — and to restate our commitment to help them deal with this onslaught.

"We're also pleased to pay our respects in person to the members of the L.A.P.D.'s newly reestablished Detective Bureau, led by Deputy Chief James McMurray, who also serves on the CyberScout advisory board," added Christenson. "Without the experience, dedication, and hard work of these detectives and people like them, we couldn't do the work that we do. We congratulate Police Chief Bratton and the whole department on the creation of the new Detective Bureau. We look forward to working closely with you and Chief McMurray to help victims of identity theft put their nightmare behind them."

CyberScout is supporting the event as a Platinum Sponsor.

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