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Longbridge Financial Launches IDT911 Identity Protection Services For Customers

Longbridge Financial Launches CyberScout Identity Protection Services For Customers
November 22, 2015
Expert: CyberScout

Longbridge Financial LLC announced today its partnership with CyberScout™, the nation’s premier identity and data risk management services provider. As a result of this partnership, Longbridge Financial customers will automatically receive LifeStages® Identity Management Services as an added benefit when they close their loan. Adding LifeStages to its offering is a unique way for Longbridge Financial to express customer appreciation, as well as provide unparalleled peace of mind from fears of identity theft.

Every stage and touch point in life brings different identity theft and fraud risks, but Longbridge Financial’s customers can rest easy knowing CyberScout is there with LifeStages every step of the way. The comprehensive program allows customers and their household family members to manage identities and resolve fraud while navigating a world filled with threats such as phishing scams, medical or email account compromise, tax-related identity theft and data breach exposures.

“We are really pleased to be able to offer such a valuable program to our customers. At Longbridge Financial, we are always looking for ways to provide industry leading benefits and service. With the range of programs and personalized care that CyberScout offers, our customers can have continued peace of mind even after they obtain a reverse mortgage loan with us.” said Melissa Macerato, executive vice president of Longbridge Financial.

More than just detection and reactive monitoring, LifeStages provides consumer education, advocacy and guidance 24/7. From a lost wallet to stolen documents to assistance with social media privacy settings, CyberScout provides personalized service to help members manage their identities throughout life.

To learn more about Longbridge Financial’s services, visit or call (855) 523-4326.

To learn more about CyberScout, visit or call (888) 682-5911.

About CyberScout™
CyberScout™ is the leading provider of services that help businesses and their customers defend against data breaches and identity theft. CyberScout’s unique approach—delivering proactive protection, preventive education, and swift resolution—offers unrivaled support for more than 660 client partners and 17.5 million households. With its wholly owned subsidiary, CyberScout Consulting™, CyberScout delivers information security and data privacy expertise to help businesses avert and respond to data loss. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., the company has several locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Ireland to serve partners in Europe.

About Longbridge Financial, LLC
Longbridge Financial is an innovative reverse mortgage lender committed to responsibly helping American homeowners reshape their financial future by educating them on the power of home®. Through unparalleled service, expertise, and transparency, it’s our mission to make the benefits of today’s reverse mortgage available to a new generation of retirees. Longbridge Financial is a licensed HUD Lender operating in 45 states and the District of Columbia. NMLS # 957935.

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