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MonitorMyScore Selects IDT911 to Provide Identity Monitoring and Identity Theft Resolution Services to Customers

MonitorMyScore Selects CyberScout to Provide Identity Monitoring and Identity Theft Resolution Services to Customers
August 31, 2016
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Partnership allows users to proactively protect and manage theft or compromise of their personal information

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – August 31, 2016 – CyberScout™ has been chosen by MonitorMyScore to provide customers with access to identity monitoring and resolution services to protect themselves against identity theft. Through the partnership, MonitorMyScore customers have 24/7 access to fraud specialists to proactively prepare for and resolve various identity theft situations. Combined with credit monitoring through MonitorMyScore, customers will have comprehensive protection of their identity and notification of changes or misuse of personal, private information. Customers also have access to identity theft reimbursement coverage up to $1 million to cover expenses associated with repairing their identity, like legal fees, lost wages, and more.

Identity theft can damage life goals.
The ever-increasing threat of identity theft means customers can be seriously impacted throughout all facets of life. Social engineering schemes like phishing could take down an individual’s computer, causing loss of precious pictures and sensitive documents. A fraudulently filed tax return by a thief means the taxpayer may not receive the money rightfully owed to them for months. A young adult can be rejected to receive student aid or an apartment from years of fraudulent SSN misuse when they were a child.  Or, a hopeful homeowner can be denied a mortgage because of poor credit caused by an identity thief.

“As identity theft continues to shift from financial gain to malicious abuse like employment ID theft or medical ID theft for patient services, so must the ways we monitor a customer’s identity health and well-being,” said George Vuckovich, CEO, MonitorMyScore. “Traditional credit monitoring is not enough. I’m excited to partner with CyberScout to provide their identity monitoring and resolution services to complement our robust credit monitoring platform for a comprehensive solution. Together, customers can rest assured in knowing their reputation and personal and credit information is always our top priority.”

Skilled in fighting-fraud, efficient in resolving it.
CyberScout fraud experts have an average of ten years of fraud resolution experience and are available 24/7. The company has been awarded a number of customer service honors and the CyberScout Resolution Center receives top marks in customer satisfaction from resolution victims, achieving 99-percent satisfaction rates or higher since 2010.

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About MonitorMyScore
MonitorMyScore provides comprehensive identity theft protection solutions designed to protect consumers’ personal data and empower them to make educated decisions about their financial lives. We passionately strive to offer services that our customers can use daily and that help them to be better educated and that have a positive impact on their financial health. We use advanced technology and align ourselves with strategic partners that share our values and vision. This approach results in a consumer-centric brand offering tools, education and a strong focus on the user experience.
We demonstrate our commitment by ensuring that our services and systems are built to meet the demanding needs of an evolving marketplace and the changing needs of our customers.  

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About CyberScout™
CyberScout™ is the leading provider of services that help businesses and their customers defend against data breaches and identity theft. CyberScout’s unique approach—delivering proactive protection, preventive education, and swift resolution—offers unrivaled support for more than 660 client partners and 17.5 million households. Through CyberScout Consulting™, CyberScout delivers information security and data privacy expertise to help businesses avert and respond to data loss. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., the company has several locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Ireland to serve partners in Europe. 

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