Are you a victim of identity theft or fraud?

Have you experienced a ransomware attack or other potential exposure of your digital privacy?

Cyberscout’s services are available from a variety of different providers and we want to help you discover which of our tools and support resources are part of your coverage package.

You may have access to Cyberscout’s incident resolution services through your:

  • Employer
  • Financial institution
  • Homeowner or renter insurance policy
  • Business insurance policy

Not sure if Cyberscout’s services are included in your existing benefits package, insurance policies or financial products?

Employer-provided benefits

Contact your HR representative or employee benefits provider to inquire about the availability of Cyberscout’s services.

Financial products

Get in touch with your bank’s account specialist, your credit union’s member representative or the broker at your investment firm to ask if Cyberscout’s services are part of your account package.

Insurance policies

Your insurance representative or broker will be able to confirm if your household or business policy includes Cyberscout’s suite of services.