Our experts help you quickly and efficiently resolve cyber claims.

Cyberscout Claims is the industry’s first third-party administrator focused exclusively on managing cyber and privacy breach claims and providing better outcomes for carriers and policyholders. Our experienced cyber claims experts:

  • Provide carriers with complete transparency into their cases with 24/7/365 visibility and monitoring of claims through a digital dashboard.
  • Directly connect with policyholders to provide outstanding customer service.
  • Seamlessly coordinate with internal and external teams, including Cyberscout’s forensic investigation and breach fulfilment experts.
  • Reduce expenses from costly and less-experienced outside claims counsel or nonspecialized claims examiners.
  • Assist with performing benchmark comparisons against your own cyber claims using aggregated cyber claims loss data.

Cyberscout in Action

When a major insurance partner moved their cyber claims handling to Cyberscout in 2018, the advantages were clear:

  Previous Claims Firm Cyberscout Claims
Time period 3 years (2015-2018) 2 years (2018-2020)
Number of claims 120 111
Total payments 1,876,823 519,626
Average incurred $18,717 $6,336
Average paid claim $15,640 $6336
Exceeded policy limits 10 (8.3%) 0 (1 at limit)

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Your most valued policyholders will appreciate Cyberscout Claims for our:

  • Superior policyholder experience reflecting the carrier’s brand value
  • Personalized handling backed by highly-trained claims professionals

Claims engagement process

icon Customer expresses a wish to raise a claim
icon Explain claim process and timeframes to customer
icon Explain that Cyberscout will assist with collating any documents their insurer may require
icon Provide insurer with contact details to raise claim
icon Assist customer with follow-up queries from insurer through the claims process
icon Continue to update case file and close file once issue has been resolved