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Cyber Threats and Cyber Insurance Trends to Watch in 2019

Cyber Threats and Cyber Insurance Trends to Watch in 2019
April 30, 2019

Matt Cullina, managing director of global markets at CyberScout, reveals the main cyber security threats facing companies today in Carrier Management, a trusted resource for critical information for P/C carrier executives:

Cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly in 2019, and that means the battle to stop and protect against them needs to adapt just as quickly, according to Matt Cullina, CyberScout’s Managing Director – Global Markets.

What’s more, don’t expect to permanently stop cyber attacks anytime soon.

“Everyone can get ready for more targeted attacks that continue to vary, change and evolve because the attackers continue to modify what they’re doing so their success rate stays high,” Cullina told Carrier Management. “If you figure out how to patch something they’ll move to the next attack. The evolving targeted nature of these attacks is the theme we’re looking at for 2019.”

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