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Employment Scams Increasingly Targeting Job Seekers

Employment Scams Increasingly Targeting Job Seekers
March 18, 2019
Employment scam

Employment fraud is currently the most prevalent scam targeting consumers, according to Better Business Bureau report.

The scams primarily target job-seekers with promises of great job opportunities and high pay. One victim in Montana was approached by what appeared to be a courier service offering him more than $70,000 per year to purchase and ship consumer electronics.

After receiving payment to purchase and ship the electronics, the man was then asked to purchase some with his own money with the promise that he would be reimbursed via bank account transfer. He soon found that the bank account transfer and his “employer” were both fraudulent, and that he had been scammed out of $35,000.

“They’re laundering money,” said CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin. “So they come up with all these scams to launder the money effectively.”

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