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Hacking fear prompts recall of 1.4 million autos

Hacking fear prompts recall of 1.4 million autos
July 27, 2015

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will recall 1.4 million vehicles that can be cyber-hacked remotely, the first-of-its-kind callback. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will look into the recall to ensure all vehicles that could be affected are covered. “Opening this investigation will allow NHTSA to better assess the effectiveness of the remedy proposed by Fiat Chrysler,” NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said, acknowledging the agency had urged the move. Owners will get a USB device that they may use to upgrade vehicle software, which provides additional security features. Source: The Detroit News


Follow you, will you follow me

Google Maps is rolling out a feature called Your Timeline that will let you see all the places you’ve been. Google says timeline information is private and visible only to you, and you must opt in to the feature by enabling Location History on your Google account. To check to see if you have it turned on, log in and go to the My Account page. Next, click on Personal info & privacy and scroll down to the Places you go section. If the map is in color and the slider switch is blue, then you have Location History enabled. Click the button to pause Location History. The map and slider will turn gray, and Google will cease tracking you. Source: CNet


These dreams go on when she shuts her eyes

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that a cyber attack by the Islamic State is perhaps the terror group’s biggest, emerging threat. “Concern that ISIS or any of our foreign enemies might develop that capacity … is the thing that keeps me and many of my colleagues in law enforcement up at night,” Lynch said. Source: Fox News

Having the covers yanked off

China may be using the data on U.S. government employees collected during the Office of Personnel Management hack to identify spies in Beijing, and an unknown number of undercover spies could soon spend the rest of their careers behind desks in Washington. U.S. intelligence leaders and congressional officials have admitted there’s serious concern about what the Chinese government might find if it combines data obtained during the OPM hack with information gathered through other breaches. The CIA is especially worried about American spies working in Beijing with diplomatic cover. The Chinese government has consistently denied any responsibility for the OPM hack, although it’s been widely accepted in U.S. cybersecurity and government circles that Beijing was behind the massive data breach. Source: The International Business Times


Seeing only what I want you to see

Facebook now gives publishers more control of how their videos are organized and who can see them. A new video library gives publishers a streamlined, centralized place to manage videos. And an upload feature gives Page owners the ability to customize video distribution options, including secret videos and the ability to prohibit embeds on third-party sites. Page owners can now: restrict the audience of a video by age and gender; set an expiration date for a video and retain its insights; publish video directly to the Videos tab for your Page, without distributing to News Feed or Timeline; and allow or prohibit video embeds on third-party sites. Source: Naked Security

Counting on some help

The Census Bureau is investigating a breach of a computer system after hacktivist group Anonymous claimed it had hacked the agency and posted personal information online. “The Census Bureau experienced an attack to gain access to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse, which … contains nonconfidential information, such as name of the person submitting the information, organization addresses and phone numbers, site user names, etc.,” Census Bureau Director John Thompson said. He said it’s likely the breach was limited to this database, and did not include personally identifiable information. The Federal Audit Clearinghouse collects audit data from state and local governments, nonprofit organizations and Native American tribes on how they’re spending federal awards. Source: NBC News

sh_twitter bird_170

A little bird says better safe than sorry

Twitter’s new Safety Center is home to advice about staying safe on Twitter and online in general, as well as including links to the various tools that Twitter has to offer. The Safety Center is divided into three sections—Tools, Policies and Enforcement—and users get the information they need to keep themselves safe. Each section includes advice and guides about improving security, maintaining privacy, and avoiding unwanted content. There also are sections for parents and teachers to help keep younger users safe. Source: Beta News

sh_phone phishing_400

A real wrong number

Thousands of customers of Australian telecom company Telstra have gotten fake phone bills from cyber criminals. Telstra warned customers of the phishing scam after more than 22,000 people received bills via email that at first glance, appear to be legitimate. Telstra said scammers copied genuine bills and distributed them to unknowing customers to steal their personal details. Customers received two phishing emails, both titled Your Email Bill. “One version of the fake email advises customers an account has been paid twice and customers can claim a ‘refund’ if they log into My Account via a link in the email,” Telstra said in a post to its blog. The email can be identified by the absence of a dollar sign in front of the amount of money that was allegedly paid twice, and is subsequently available for refund. Source: The Daily Mail of Australia

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