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Infographic: 7 Ransomware Facts You Should Know

Infographic: 7 Ransomware Facts You Should Know
January 11, 2017

As 2017 unfolds, ransomware is becoming one of the biggest security headaches for organizations and individuals alike. And criminals are capitalizing on this newly lucrative niche.

Ransomware attacks have grown rapidly in number, sophistication, and the amount demanded. According to Kaspersky, 62 new ransomware families were discovered by the third quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, the number of attacks on businesses grew from one every two minutes to one every 40 seconds between January and the end of September, and from every 20 seconds to every 10 for individuals.

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Here's an infographic from, sponsored by CyberScout:

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Rodika Tollefson writes for, where this infographic originally appeared.


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