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CyberScout is the nation’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services.

Retain Customers and Boost Productivity? Here’s How

Retain Customers and Boost Productivity? Here’s How
September 25, 2018
It costs more to find new customers than hold on to the ones you already have. This is the value proposition of a new offering called CyberScout HQ, which has created a platform that any company can use to help customers with a variety of issues. It’s the first online marketplace for identity management, privacy and cybersecurity education, products and services. 
HQ helps customers
  • Minimize their risk of getting hacked or becoming the victim of fraud with preventative education and tools that work to reduce exposure.
  • Monitor personal information with fraud-focused detection services.
  • Manage identities, privacy and cybersecurity, resolving fraud and compromises.
Cyber incidents and identity theft are costly propositions—both in the amount of time they require to clear up and in the amount of anxiety they produce (a productivity killer). If you are looking for a solution to increase customer loyalty and/or the employee work experience at your company, CyberScoutHQ has solutions for you. Watch the below video, and click here for more information. 

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