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Security & Privacy Daily News Alert

Security & Privacy Daily News Alert
April 13, 2015

By Byron Acohido, ThirdCertainty

We got you covered: Nautilus Insurance Group, part of W.R. Berkley, will offer first-party cyber coverage, available as an endorsement to Nautilus’ general liability policy, to offset the costs of a data breach. The policy covers notification assistance, cyber investigation and crisis management expenses, as well as regulatory proceedings costs, Nautilus said. Source: Business Insurance

Mon Dieu! Belgian media group Rossel’s online edition of Le Soir, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, was unavailable for hours Sunday due to a cyber attack by unknown hackers. To prevent the attack spreading, the company disabled the website until early Monday. The attack came days after French television broadcaster TV5 Monde was hacked by self-styled cyber jihadists who claimed the attack on behalf of Islamic State militants. Hackers blocked the channel for 18 hours while posting threats on TV5 Monde’s website in French, English and Arabic. Source: Deutsche Welle

OK’d for takeoff: Amazon has gotten permission to begin testing its delivery drones in the United States. Amazon Prime Air would allow packages of up to 5 pounds—or 86 percent of the items Amazon ships—to be delivered to customers in as short a time as 30 minutes. The Federal Aviation Administration set some stipulations: The drones cannot fly higher than 400 feet or faster than 100 miles per hour and must always remain within the operator’s line of sight. Source: Quartz

Kids’ info is not all right: Tewksbury, Mass., School Committee member Lisa Puccia resigned from the board due to a data breach involving special-education student data that also includes her daughter’s information. Puccia said the school district posted information online that parents say enabled their children to be identified. She said it would be a conflict of interest for her to stay on the board as she seeks an investigation into why the information was released. Source: The Lowell (Mass.) Sun

Early-warning system: Bottomline Technologies, a provider of cloud-based payment, digital banking and health care solutions, has launched a plan to protect health care organizations’ patient data. The security approach captures and analyzes keystrokes, screen views and data access, to offer real-time alerts to possible hacks. Source: Global NewsWire

Fired up in Asia: A report from security firm FireEye accuses the Chinese government of being behind cyber attacks against government agencies, companies and journalists across India and Southeast Asia for the past 10 years. “There’s no smoking gun that shows this is a Chinese government operation, but all signs point to China,” FireEye’s Bryce Boland said. “There’s huge intellectual property development in Asia—that’s the new battleground.” Source: TechCrunch

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