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Security & Privacy Daily News Alert

Security & Privacy Daily News Alert
May 5, 2015

By Byron Acohido, ThirdCertainty

A losing bet: The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is alerting customers of a data breach involving credit and debit card data involving customer names, card numbers and card verification codes, but doesn’t include PIN information. The breach affected transactions from Sept. 3, 2014, to April 2, 2015, at restaurant, bar and retail locations at the Hard Rock Las Vegas property. Customers are being advised to review card statements and report suspicious activity to their bank. The Hard Rock is offering identity protection through Experian. Source: KLAS-TV News Now Las Vegas

No call for a warrant: A federal appeals court ruled that investigators do not need a search warrant to obtain cellphone-tower location records in criminal prosecutions. In the case at issue, authorities got 67 days’ worth of records on a robbery suspect from MetroPCS, which were key in obtaining a conviction leading to a 162-year prison sentence. Two judges dissented, saying the Fourth Amendment requires probable cause and a search warrant for such records. Source:

Free … sort of: Facebook’s Platform, a free Internet service, now is open to developers, allowing them to create services to be delivered through a free, but stripped-down version of the Internet. Facebook warned developers that their service must allow the firm to track users and share that data with telecom companies and the government. In addition, the Platform won’t support encryption such as HTTPs, owing to its technical limitations, which may cause concern among those using banking or private-messaging apps. Source: The (London) Inquirer

Always on alert: Identity theft occurs every two seconds, says the Center for Identity at the University of Texas. The most valuable information is a birth date, mother’s maiden name and address, and, “You should not carry your Social Security card with you because that number is a number that stays with you for a lifetime. Criminals love it because they can do so much with it,” said Suzanne Barber, director at the Center for Identity at UT. Source: KXAN, Austin, Texas

Hack away, dudes: Louisiana Tech Student Center’s Cyber Storm 2015 will pit five teams of computer science and cyber-engineering students from the College of Engineering and Science against one another and others from academia, industry and government in a daylong “hackfest.” The competition, a final exam for some courses in the cyber engineering and computer science programs, will test the students’ ability to prepare, anticipate and react to a real-time threats and scenarios. Source: The (Monroe, La.) News Star

Call your cyber HMO: While cyber insurers may assume that cyber attacks will strike a company infrequently, the reality is such attacks are a constant threat, much more akin to medical claims than property or casualty claims. A cyber HMO plan could give the insured access to a network of cybersecurity professionals at discounted rates and could provide low-cost or free access to basic “cyber hygiene” care, such as a routine diagnostic examination of information technology systems and perimeter defense systems. Source: The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal

Digital G-Man: The FBI established a position to coordinate bureau response to cyber crime, with Joe Demarest, assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division since 2012, becoming associate executive assistant director for the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services branch. Digital crime’s exponential rise has, at times, outpaced the government’s ability to restructure in response. Source: The Hill

Getting together: Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland is launching an International Cyber Academy to unite industry professionals, law enforcement and academics to develop skills and training frameworks to fight hacking. The Cyber Academy will integrate with the EU-funded Dynamic Forensics Evaluation and Training project, a two-year collaborative, transnational project to develop a cloud-based cyber-crime training environment. Source: The (U.K.) Daily Record


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