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Security & Privacy Daily News Alert

Security & Privacy Daily News Alert
April 30, 2015

By Byron Acohido, ThirdCertainty

Keep private phone private: Government agencies are becoming more hesitant about having staffers use their own devices in the workplace, says Forrester Research, citing concerns about security and liability. Last year, 11 percent of officials who make technology decisions considered implementing the device policy “critical,” down from 17 percent in 2013, according to the Forrester survey. Many government officials regard those programs as “more trouble than they’re worth,” the report said. Source: The Washington Post

Having fun without them: European Facebook members might not get the latest new features, as the social-media giant is saying that privacy regulators could make it too expensive to roll out improvements on the continent. Facebook is being investigated by such nations as Holland and Belgium amid company fears that a number of regulations could be imposed. “For internet companies, too, national regulation would pose serious obstacles,” Vice President of Public Policy in Europe Richard Allan wrote in The Financial Times. “Facebook’s costs would increase, and people in Europe would notice new features arriving more slowly, or not at all.” Source: MetroUK

Going down for 12: A man who drove two women from store to store to seek chances to steal credit cards was sentenced to 12 years in prison. A 91-year-old woman lost her wallet to the suspects, Assistant State’s Attorney Brad Rigdon said. Steven Berry was convicted of aggravated identity theft involving a victim over the age of 60. He was ordered to pay $7,500 restitution to PNC Bank. Source: The Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph

Don’t take a pass: A new Google Chrome extension, Password Alert, is designed to reduce phishing attacks while improving users’ password security practices. Consumers can download the Password Alert extension from the Google Chrome store. Once installed, the extension will warn users if they type their Google account password anywhere but for the Google Account, while also advising users to change Google passwords in the case they’ve been hit by a phishing attack. Source: iDigitalTimes

Gonna be starting something: China’s defense ministry expressed concern about the Pentagon’s cyber strategy, which stresses the U.S. military’s ability to retaliate with cyber weapons, saying it would heighten tension. The new U.S. cyber strategy plans a more muscular role for military cyber warriors, and singles out threats from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. The U.S. and its allies frequently accuse China of widespread hacking attacks, which Beijing always denies. Source: The (U.K.) Guardian

See crops from the top: Archer Daniels Midland plans to use drones to gather data on crop insurance claims by summer 2016, after getting clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration. It will start testing the technology in the Midwest this year. The unmanned aircraft can gather data about crop damage from hail, wind, flooding and drought, and upload the information to claims software, says Greg Mills, president of ADM’s Crop Risk Services. Source: Reuters via WTAQ, Green Bay, Wis.

You can ask, with caveats: New guidelines have been issued to help insurers comply with U.K. data-protection laws when sharing information to help fight fraud. Companies will have to provide a range of information when making requests for personal data, including the “key fraud indicators that lead you to suspect that a crime has been committed” and why the data can’t be obtained elsewhere. Insurers also must explain why the failure of another insurer to release requested data “would be likely to impact upon/prejudice/significantly harm” their counter-fraud strategy. Source: Out-Law via Pinsent Masons

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