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Top 5 Most Intriguing Identity Thieves of 2013

Top 5 Most Intriguing Identity Thieves of 2013
December 16, 2013

Top 5 Intriguing ID Thieves

Identity thieves can be a bold and brazen lot—stealing from their victims in the most obvious and appalling ways.

In past years, we’ve seen thieves bill pregnancy tests to a 72-year-old, go on extensive shopping trips on their own relative’s dime, and withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from retirees’ bank accounts.

This year—just as reports show 16.6 million Americans age 16 and older were identity theft victims last year—we’ve assembled a short list of the top five most unusual identity theft cases for 2013.

1.    The Merry Thief

The culprit stole someone’s checkbook and began cashing checks all over town to drain the victim’s accounts. But apparently the thief had holiday spirit. In the memo of all the checks he wrote, “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” to his victim.

2.    The Concerned Culprit

Some identity thieves go the extra mile when they infiltrate a victim’s financial accounts. This victim’s nemesis stole his credit card and used it to purchase credit report and monitoring products in the victim’s name.

3.    The Consummate Shopper

This thief applied for a line of credit and withdrew nearly $30,000 during a three-day period. He also got instant credit at a jewelry store where he purchased a $20,000 ring.

4.    The Drunken Driver

This thief doesn’t know when to say when. The victim received four DUI tickets in his name for several incidents in Georgia for violations he didn’t commit. The victim’s license was about to be revoked, until we stepped in to help clear his good name.

5.    The Honest Thief

A victim was notified by her sister that she purchased a car….under the victim’s identity! The new car was stolen, so she had to fork over the information to her unsuspecting sister.

Remember, if you suspect you’re a victim of identity theft, take immediate action. Call one of your providers. You already may receive identity theft management services through an insurance carrier, bank, credit union or membership organization.

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