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Webinar: Understanding PIPEDA's New Breach Requirements for Notification and Documentation

Webinar: Understanding PIPEDA's New Breach Requirements for Notification and Documentation
August 26, 2018

Register now for CyberScout's webinar on the new PIPEDA requirements that bring Canadian breach laws into close alignment with the General Data PRotection Regulation in the EU.

Originally enacted in 2000, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act has long contained a voluntary breach notification component. Effective Nov. 1, 2018, that will become mandatory—businesses will be required to notify victims in the event of a privacy breach. In addition, companies will now need to document their breach response and those records must include information such as when and how notification was made.

It’s an important change for companies that want to continue doing business across those boundaries.

Is your business ready to comply with these new regulations?

CyberScout experts will hold a webinar on Sept. 18 to explore what the new PIPEDA rules mean for organizations large and small, and how businesses can get ready to comply with the expanded regulations. We’ll also discuss the cyber coverage options that can help businesses improve their security posture, identify and mitigate potential privacy risks, and provide them with critical support in the event they experience a breach.

Though many companies already have cyber policies in place, some don’t have the levels of coverage needed to manage an appropriate privacy breach response under the new PIPEDA notification and documentation law. Between regulatory fines, the potential for litigation costs, and the reputational damage that could follow a breach, forward-looking organizations will want to attend this webinar to ensure they understand the regulations and have the right tools in place to effectively respond to an exposure.

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