Breach Fulfilment Services

The moments after a data breach can be challenging, but it’s critical to respond with the highest level of care and professionalism. At CyberScout, we have helped thousands of companies around the world protect their clients/employees/patients after an incident while complying with regulatory requirements.

Notification Services
Notification Services

CyberScout will assist with drafting notification letters to ensure services offered are appropriately described. CyberScout will then manage the notification of impacted individuals through postal mail and/or email. Notifications are usually deployed within 24 hours of receiving final documentation. CyberScout can also supplement your own notification drafts with service descriptions and instructions—or provide a notification template for you to use.

Expert Care & Support Call Line for Affected Contacts
Expert Care & Support Call Line for Affected Contacts

Contacts affected by a breach are likely to have questions, concerns, or may need expert assistance should they become a victim of fraud. Our in-house team of experts are prepared to seamlessly support your contacts in line with your response strategy. From first call through fraud or identity resolution, callers receive the highest level of support from a specialist dedicated to their case.

Monitoring & Identity Management Tools
Monitoring & Identity Management Tools

CyberScout receives API feeds from the major credit bureaus to provide the most current reports and monitoring notifications to your contacts. In addition, we have access to substantial non-credit data to create a holistic monitoring solution appropriate for the data that has been exposed. Individuals can receive alerts by email or text message. At a minimum, enrolled individuals will receive a monthly report from our monitoring platform, even if no alerts are generated.

Monitoring & Resolution Service Checklist
  Dark Web Solution Standard Solution Enhanced Solution
Monitoring Solution
Dark Web Monitoring
One-Bureau Credit Report    
One-Bureau Credit Score  
One-Bureau Credit Monitoring  
Credit Freeze Assistance
Three-Bureau Credit Report    
Three-Bureau Credit Score    
Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring    
Change of Address Monitoring    
Court Records Monitoring    
SSN Trace Monitoring    
Text and/or Email Alerts
Identity Theft Protection Services
Unlimited Access to Identity Theft Specialist
Lost Wallet Assistance
Credit File Review
Credential Assistance
Police Report Filing Assistance
Identity Theft Resolution Services
Tax Fraud
Unemployment Fraud
Criminal ID Theft
Estate / Deceased Fraud
Financial ID Theft
Medical ID Theft
Fraudulent Account Takeover
Social Media Account Takeover
Child ID Theft