CyberScout's Adam Levin On Possible Iranian Cyberattacks

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CyberScout Founder and Chairman Adam Levin wrote an extensive article entitled “5 Signs a Cyberattack Is Under Way and 5 Things You Need to Do Before It Happens.” It was featured on 

Here are his five signs that a cyberattack is underway.

In the context of a potential cyberwar with Iran, Levin warned of the following signs:

  1. Disinformation: Immediately following Iranian military strikes on U.S. targets, rumors spread on social media claiming American casualties and worse. “[Y]ou have to vet your news these days,” Levin warned.

  2. Phishing Attacks: “Phishing may seem like an ordinary part of online life, but it could also be the initial volley in a major cyberattack,” said Levin, who advised thinking twice and using greater discretion before clicking links in emails or opening attachments.

  3. Missing Data: Iranian hackers have been known to deploy “wiping” attacks, where data is deleted rather than compromised or held for ransom. “Back up everything,” Levin said.

  4. Your Finances Glitch: “One model of cyberattack includes sowing confusion in financial markets,” Levin said, advising customers to check accounts and enroll in transaction monitoring programs.

  5. Things Stop Working: “Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are a very likely mode of attack,” warned Levin. 

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