What To Look For When Choosing a Backup Method

Data backup
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Making regular backups is crucial to any cybersecurity policy. If you're looking at a service, product, or technology to help keep your data protected, be sure to ask the following questions. 

How frequent are the backups?
Efficient scheduling of backups requires a balancing act. If you can backup your system or storage once every two hours, that means you run the risk of, at most, losing two hours’ worth of work. Conversely, each backup can take up large amounts of storage space significantly increasing cost. 

Security is another consideration since a recent backup helps mitigate the potential damage of any cyber security fails that may occur. If you find malware on your system, you’re going to want to be able to roll back to a time before it entered network.

Find a solution or set of solutions that offer flexibility between short-term and long-term needs.

How quickly can backups be loaded?
Few businesses can afford to be offline for hours, much less days. While the number of machines and the amount of data both play a part in how long it takes to restore everything from a backup, some platforms and backup methods take longer than others. Look for a secure backup option that can get you back up and running reasonably quickly.

How secure are the backups?
While it’s essential to keep copies of your data, there’s a risk your data will be accessible to outside parties. Unsecured databases and servers online are discovered all the time, and should serve as a reminder that backups are effective as cybersecurity measures as long as they’re actually secure.

Be sure to restrict access to any data stored online via multi-factor authentication, ensure that any data transmitted is done via end-to-end encryption, and confirm that any physical storage is or has been catalogued in an inventory. 

Is tech support available?
Whether you experience a malware infection, ransomware attack or catastrophic hardware failure, there’s never a good time to restore from a backup; even the best options can be time-consuming, resulting in lost time and work. This can be exacerbated by running into technical issues with your backup solution itself: Be sure that any backup service provider can guarantee 24-7 support for their products.