CyberScout Launches Innovative Online Site for Cyber Security Services

CyberScout Launches Innovative Online Site for Cyber Security Services

In the wake of the Equifax breach, many consumers are still unprepared for fraud and searching for identity theft protection—a challenging endeavor considering the many options available.

To meet demand, CyberScout has created CyberScout HQ, an online marketplace for businesses to offer their customers and employees leading identity management, privacy and cyber security services. CyberScout HQ also is available directly to consumers.

Though the Equifax breach impacted as many as 143 million Americans, a mere 25 percent of adults have placed alerts on their credit and debit cards, according to a survey. Also, 78 percent haven’t put a credit freeze on their accounts, and the same percentage haven’t secured credit monitoring services.

These findings are consistent with a recent CyberScout survey which showed that most consumers who are victimized by a security breach were confused after receiving notification and nearly half did not know how to respond to protect themselves.

CyberScout HQ makes it easier with one-stop shopping for cyber security services, including identity management services, credit and fraud monitoring, and breach defense and response solutions. Businesses can use their own branding and customize the services to address different audiences and prioritized threats for households and businesses.

CyberScout HQ offers two key tools:

  • Truman Grade—a browser extension that monitors websites and ranks each site on its security so customers can proactively protect their personal information. It alerts the customer to a risk in real time so they can make informed decisions and connect only to safe, legitimate sites.
  • Password Protector—a password vault that can be branded by businesses as part of their CyberScout HQ marketplace.

"CyberScout HQ is a game changer for businesses that want to get closer to their customers and employees, attract new demographics and innovate more rapidly," said CyberScout CEO Matt Cullina.

"CyberScout HQ unites our industry-leading services and expertise, addresses multiple threats to households and businesses, and protects customers from the hyper growth of cyber crime."