Flattening the Cyber Threat Curve

cyber threat curve
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When workers access your company’s network from outside of the workplace, the number of different access points that are potentially vulnerable increases exponentially. It increases an organization’s attackable surface.

An email that may have been stopped at your office firewall can be transmitted freely to a laptop on a residential connection, a USB key or removable drive with malware might be used to transmit files, or an employee working from a cafe (there are still many open) might have their laptop stolen or their data intercepted through a public wi-fi connection. 

There’s an added level of stress trying to factor cybersecurity into the adjustment around the Covid-19 work-at-home situation, and that’s precisely what hackers are counting on. While the current work situation is temporary, the damage caused by a malware infection or data breach is permanent. Plan accordingly, and encourage everyone in your office to do the same. Data hygiene is like public hygiene--it only works during a time of mass vulnerability if everyone practices it.