For Cybersecurity, Consider Providing Hardware to Remote Employees

Provide hardware
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Providing equipment for remote employees can be expensive, but it can also save money in lost time and resources due to poor cybersecurity (data breaches are expensive, often catastrophically so). If you are going to have a remote workforce, providing the hardware that they’ll be working from means you can ensure a fully up-to-date and patched device and even put restrictions on their ability to install sketchy or non-secure software.

If necessary, send employees home with computers to work on if they don’t have home equipment that’s up to the task. Be sure to check with your IT support regarding licenses and other possible configurations that may need to be updated in order for the system to properly function elsewhere.

Much like the thought of a global pandemic, the prospect of a cyber attack on a workplace can be frightening, but it shouldn’t be met with panic. By following a few basic best practices, it’s easier to maintain a relatively secure workplace, even when employees are connecting remotely.