How to Get Help When Your Information is Compromised

How to Get Help When Your Information is Compromised

When you suspect you’re a victim of identity theft, the CyberScout Resolution Center is there to help restore your good name and credit.

But did you know that our experts also can help you take critical measures to protect your identity—and your family’s—before identity theft and related fraud strikes?

Certain situations and behaviors can put you at greater risk of cyber crime. Losing a wallet or purse. Failing to shred documents with sensitive information. Sharing personal information by email or phone in a phishing scam. These are but a few examples.

CyberScout’s Resolution Center can help keep you ahead of cyber crime with:

  • Risk education to protect yourself from major types of identity theft and fraud.
  • Document replacement assistance to swiftly restore lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification, including passports, credit cards or drivers’ licenses, and Social Security and Medicare cards.
  • White-glove service from a personal fraud specialist who is dedicated to resolving your issue with quality service and no ulterior sales motives.

No matter what happens, the Resolution Center can help. Our fraud experts can share essential steps for protecting your accounts, credit and name before fraud occurs. And they’re there to help you freeze accounts, place a fraud alert and review your credit file when the worst happens. Best of all, they are 100-percent dedicated to quality service and will work with you until your case is resolved.

The industry’s best team

Our center offers bilingual support and consistently earns high marks from customers with a 99 percent satisfaction rating for several years in a row. The Resolution Center’s fraud experts have years of experience and certifications for the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Identity Risk Management Specialist.

You’re in great hands, whether you need to get ahead of criminals or resolve identity theft or fraud.

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