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Cybersecurity Services for All

You’re connected at work. You’re connected at home. And everywhere in between. So Cyberscout provides modern cyber services to help you manage your digital life, safely.

Today, we provide insurance companies with state-of-the-art services, tools and advice to protect their policyholders. We also offer our solutions to businesses, large and small, as an employee benefit. And we partner with a broad range of organizations around the world to give their members access to our cyber experts because we’re on a mission to fight cybercrime and make it easier to protect your identity, your finances and your family.

Advanced detection tools, on-going education and expert support can help you and your business stay ahead of cybercriminals.


unlimited multilingual resolution services

11 years +

Our Fraud Investigators average experience

45 Million

individuals covered by Cyberscout

16 of 20

top property and casualty Insurance carriers provide our services

Business must keep moving forward

Your customers have a business to run and cybersecurity is a big part of their success in today’s ever-connected world. They don’t have the time or expertise to know what the latest risks are or how to avoid emerging problems. Cyberscout provides commercial cyber services that complement cyber coverages, tapping into our industry-leading expertise, our global support network, and our educational and risk management tools.

If a digital threat stops an organization from moving forward—whether it’s ransomware, a social engineering scam, a data breach, or anything else that brings a business to a halt—we respond quickly and globally with our incident response services. Our team of breach and forensic experts are ready to investigate and resolve cybersecurity incidents, getting your customer’s firm back on track with a stronger cyber posture.