Farmers® Launches Farmers Identity Shield(sm) w/ Identity Resolution Services Powered by CyberScout®

CyberScout, an industry leader in identity management, identity theft education and resolution services, announced today its collaboration with Farmers, the nation's third-largest Personal Lines Property & Casualty insurance group. Farmers’ newly launched Farmers Identity ShieldSM is powered by CyberScout’s fraud advocacy services.  

“We are thrilled to work with Farmers, which has the vision, size and scope to offer this much needed product to such a wide audience,” said CyberScout CEO Sheryl Christenson. “With Farmers Identity ShieldSM, Farmers has taken the time and effort to develop a comprehensive package to address the identity theft nightmare, which has the potential to benefit millions of U.S. households.”     
CyberScout provides a personal advocate to assist policyholders, one-on-one, through all of the challenges of identity theft restoration.  The company's 24/7 resolution service is designed expressly to reduce the time, stress, financial impact and other costs suffered by identity theft victims, and to simplify the process for all involved.  

“In CyberScout, we searched for and found a service provider that delivers professional, white-glove advocacy service that is at the top of its class,” said Paul Hopkins, CEO of Farmers Group, Inc.

In addition to aiding policyholders who suspect they have fallen victim to identity theft, these suite of services include assistance in replacing a family’s critical identification documents that are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed as well as providing guidance at times in a family’s life when they are more vulnerable to identity theft such as when they are traveling, moving, facing a military deployment or if there has been a death of a spouse.  The services also place a special focus on a family’s minor children who are becoming identity theft victims in increasing numbers.  

“With Farmers Identity ShieldSM, we have equipped our policyholder households with a broad range of tools to help detect and defend against identity theft,” said Alex Tsetsenekos, Director of Product Development for Farmers Home Product Management. “However, we know that there is no way to fully eliminate the risk so we provide supporting coverage & limits, and, if an identity theft does occur, we know we have a premier advocate service in place to work with our policyholders one on one during the identity restoration process.” 

Since 2003, Cyberscout has set the standard for full-spectrum identity, privacy and data security services, offering proactive protection, education, and data theft resolution as well as breach preparedness and response. Serving approximately 17.5 million households worldwide and more than 770,000 businesses, Cyberscout is offered globally by an ever-growing number of client partners. Cyberscout combines extensive experience with high-touch service to help individuals, government and commercial clients minimize risk and maximize recovery.