Understanding the rules of policyholder engagement


Advisen and CyberScout present:

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Under-appreciated policyholder customers can be your next valuable revenue stream. If you’re able to offer your customers non-insurance technology solutions to help them fight against emerging cyber risks, you gain several advantages including:

  • increase in policyholder risk reduction
  • highly relevant policyholder engagement
  • new revenue streams
  • improved customer retention.

If customers are not engaged … they can feel unappreciated. The challenge for carriers has been finding cost-effective solutions that engage customers and provide value. It is a vicious cycle supported by the fact that 49 percent of customers switch away from products and services because they feel unappreciated.1

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Eric Warbasse – VP of North American Business Development, CyberScout
Thomas Spier – Division Director of Global Markets, CyberScout
Josh Bradford (Moderator) – Senior Editor, Specialty Editorial, Advisen

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