Partner programs

Show your customers and members that you’ve got their back with innovative cybersecurity services

Your customers are more connected than ever before—at home, at work, on the go. The risks they face are greater, too, from ransomware attacks to identity theft, social engineering scams to financial account takeover. Cyberscout provides the tools and knowledge your members need to understand today’s cyber risks and we’re ready to empower them to fight back against the growing tide of cybercrime.

Protection against emerging cyber threats

Digital threats are constantly evolving and it’s critical that people are aware of all the ways cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of them. By offering Cyberscout to your customers, you not only reinforce that you understand their concerns, you take an active step in providing solutions to help them avoid trouble.

Partnering with Cyberscout, the global leader in cyber support services, gives you the opportunity to offer your customers cybersecurity services that go beyond traditional identity theft monitoring. We provide access to the next-generation support and tools needed to reduce cyber risks.

  • Identity management
  • Fraud, credit and reputation monitoring
  • Privacy and security incident education, preparation, response and remediation
  • Online security and data privacy consulting
  • Social media monitoring for members and their families
  • Seniors fraud resolution support for customers and their family members, including parents and grandparents (in-laws, too!)
  • Social Security Number and Dark Web monitoring for customers’ children
  • Ransomware recovery support with reimbursement options
  • Financial account monitoring
  • Monthly credit score tracker
  • Enhanced expense reimbursement for fraud losses

Your brand. Cyberscout services.

We offer private-label cyber protection as a loyalty program or member benefit for your customers and their families. Cyberscout’s solutions provide an effective way to build more robust connections to your customers while helping them defend against online scams, extortion, fraud and theft.


of consumers say they are worried about being a victim of identity theft 

$6 trillion

will be lost to global cybercrime by 2021  

13 million

reported fraud incidents in 2019