Fourth Annual Awards Celebrate the London Market’s Best Cyber Insurance Services Professionals and Providers

London, United Kingdom, Oct. 5, 2020 – CyberScout, a global leader in personal and commercial cyber risk and assistance services, today announced it was named 2020 Cyber Risk Service Provider of the Year by Insurance Insider. The fourth annual Cyber Rankings Awards are unlike traditional awards ceremonies because they are not decided by judges, but by the feedback of underwriters and brokers in London’s cyber market.

“CyberScout is thrilled to be named the top Cyber Risk Service Provider for a third time by our friends and partners in the London Market,” said Tom Spier, Commercial Director of Global Markets, CyberScout. “We are committed to providing world-class services to brokers and underwriters across the globe and grateful for the support and accolades we’ve received from our market colleagues.”

CyberScout’s Global Incident Response Team is located across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. They specialize in providing a range of services designed to provide insurers with expert services to accompany cyber insurance policies for commercial and personal lines clients. CyberScout’s services are designed to help protect insureds against cyberattacks and help them respond to, and move forward from, an attack.

“The sharp increase in risk of cybercrime across the globe has led to tremendous growth in the introduction and adoption of personal and commercial cyber policies in Europe,” continued Spier. “CyberScout is proud to provide value to London’s underwriters and brokers by developing services that elevate their value and service to their clients.”

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