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CyberScout Elite
Concierge cyber risk and identity protection services for elite households.

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CyberScout® Elite

CyberScout Elite
CyberScout® Elite

Your most valuable clients face unique fraud challenges. CyberScout® Elite is a specialized, first-of-its-kind solution for helping your elite clients manage their personal identity, credit and household data risks.


  • Brand enhancement. Provide concierge-level service for preferred clientele
  • Competitive advantage. Offer first-of-its-kind unified service for identity and household breach protection
  • Retention and re-engagement. Deliver personalized ongoing services that protect personal and financial well-being
  • Revenue potential. Offer a value-generated service that makes a difference without adding additional services

It’s a fact! With the number of household cyber-attacks increasing, high-net-worth individuals are especially vulnerable. Wealth coupled with extended access by domestic employees and trusted third parties create greater levels of vulnerability and exposure. …And criminals and hackers know it.

Welcome to CyberScout® Elite, the concierge-level cyber risk and identity management service designed for your high-net-worth customers.

  • Differentiate your brand by going beyond the product space to deliver excellence in service and execution.
  • Employ the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced fraud protection and resolution experts.
  • Retain valuable customers—recognizing that their personal holdings more closely resemble a business, but one with far fewer safeguards.
  • Deliver value through additional services tailored specifically for the needs of your most important customers.
  • Reduce risk through personalized identity theft and fraud assessment protection services.

Your customers will appreciate:

  • Personalized response backed by an army of award-winning, trained and experienced fraud protection and remediation professionals—available 24/7/365.
  • Continual household identity monitoring, breach management, and remediation services in a single offering.
  • Support for everyone in their household for everything from securing home network connections and  privacy settings to social media and reputation management.
  • A mobile application providing access to CyberScout® Elite monitoring and Identity Theft information on-the-go, when consumers or victims need it most.


Identity Monitoring and Protection

Fully integrated solution searching for suspicious activity on your credit and noncredit accounts and aspects of life on the Internet and across private databases.

  • Credit Score Summary
    Credit Score Summary and Tracking

    Dashboard view of three credit scores from TransUnion, Experian, Equifax. One-click access to a complimentary credit report keeps tabs on your customer’s credit activity, and monitors for new lines of credit.

    3-Bureau Credit Report and Score - A consolidated report from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax including alert summary

    3-Bureau Credit Monitoring - Inquiries, delinquencies, and more

    ScoreTracker – Track the historical range of credit scores

  • Cyber

    Monitors the Internet black market and private databases related to bank accounts, as well as medical and insurance records, to pinpoint suspicious activity.

  • Consumers' Identities
    Consumers' Identities

    Reports all address changes in case one is initiated without the consumer's consent. Reports on all known addresses and aliases associated with consumers' Social Security numbers.

  • Court Records
    Court Records

    Monitors municipal court records and alerts consumer if a criminal act is reported under their identity.

  • Payday Loans
    Payday Loans

    Monitors online, rent-to-own, and payday lender storefronts with an alert to consumers if a payday loan has been opened using an element of their identity.

  • Sex Offender Monitoring
    Sex Offender Monitoring

    Monitors registered sex offenders living nearby. Makes sure offenders aren't registered under a user's name and address.

Proactive Identity Management

Full-service identity management support for elite households. 

  • Assisted Living Support
    Assisted Living Support
    Clients can lean on us for guidance in power of attorney and legal guardianship matters, assisting with identity management and resolving fraudulent misuse.
  • Disaster Support
    Disaster Support
    Customers can get tips for protecting important identity, financial and privacy documents prior to a disaster, along with assistance in facilitating the replacement of identification and documents needed to rebuild their lives.
  • Military Support
    Military Support
    We can protect customers’ good names when they’re defending our country. We’ll work with them or an authorized relative to place an active-duty military fraud alert.
  • Estate Support
    Estate Support
    With help from our fraud specialists, we keep the identities of deceased family members safe so fraud doesn’t come back to haunt the surviving family members.
  • Relocation Support
    Relocation Support
    Tips, guidance and resolution services to assist customers in protecting their important identity, financial and privacy information during a move.
  • Travel Support
    Travel Support
    We help replace your customers’ lost or stolen IDs, passports, visas and other documents no matter where they are around the globe.
  • Child Identity Theft
    Child Identity Theft
    Parents can invest in their children’s futures by asking us to help protect their identities now, before they’re the victims of fraud or theft.
  • Breach Assist
    Breach Assist
    We respond swiftly, confidently and correctly when companies notify customers that their data has been compromised.
  • Document Replacement
    Document Replacement
    We help replace lost, stolen or destroyed documents and identification and help notify government agencies and providers.
  • Break-In Recovery
    Break-In Recovery
    Customers can stop thieves in their tracks after a home, auto or boat break-in with assistance from fraud specialists to prevent the use of compromised personal data.

Personalized, 24/7 education and issue assistance, including identity monitoring and notification support.

  • Rely on Expert Fraud Specialists
    Rely on Expert Fraud Specialists
    Your preferred clients receive unlimited, dedicated resolution assistance from our team of experts—any time, any day of the year.
  • Leave Red Tape Behind
    Leave Red Tape Behind
    Our knowledgeable experts will provide assistance to reduce the time and effort your clients spend on filing government paperwork, such as reports and fraud victim affidavits.
  • Speed Notifications
    Speed Notifications
    A fraud specialist will quickly place fraud alerts with the major credit monitoring organizations, as well as alert your clients’ creditors to be on the lookout for unusual activity.
  • Stay Vigilant
    Stay Vigilant
    Once an issue has occurred, we will create a comprehensive case file for legal support, as well as provide ongoing active credit and fraud monitoring along with post-fraud event follow-ups.
Victim Services

Expedite recovery and limit the impact from fraudulent activities, such as account takeover or identity theft, with unlimited assistance for your premier clients.

  • Debt Tagging
    Debt Tagging
    Fraud specialists review your clients’ credit reports for incorrect links to outstanding debts, also known as debt tagging, and assist in the removal of fraudulent entries.
  • Financial Identity Theft
    Financial Identity Theft
    When the identity or financial information of your clients, or any of their household members, is used to perpetuate fraud, a specialist will assist with contacting credit bureaus and companies, collection agencies, and any other relevant organizations to help restore individual and household profiles.
  • Criminal Identity Theft
    Criminal Identity Theft
    If your client’s identity is falsely linked to a crime, a fraud expert will provide assistance in contacting governmental agencies to investigate and restore their identity and reputation.
  • Employment Identity Theft
    Employment Identity Theft
    In the case of of identity-related employment fraud, a fraud expert will assist with collecting necessary documentation and contacting employers or government agencies to investigate and facilitate restoration.
  • Medical Identity Theft
    Medical Identity Theft
    In the event of fraudulent insurance claims for medical services rendered, a fraud expert will research, coordinate and facilitate the dispute process for your client to resolve the fraudulent claims and correct medical records.
  • Tax Identity Theft
    Tax Identity Theft
    Should a thief use your client’s personally identifiable Information to file false tax return documents, a fraud specialist will facilitate working with the appropriate federal and state agencies to correct records and recover lost return refunds.
Household Breach Protection

Proactively guides customers in improving their household data security and practices to protect against breach exposures. In the event of a breach, we’ll guide your client to quickly and appropriately respond to a breach of private household data.

  • Email Compromise
    Email Compromise
    Fraud experts help resolve the ramifications of email account takeover to a client's identity, privacy and reputation, and advise on potential breach implications.
  • Phish Assist
    Phish Assist
    Fraud experts provide guidance in determining the legitimacy of email communications asking for private information.
  • System Protection Guidance
    System Protection Guidance
    Expert navigation for preventing, identifying and recovering from computer device compromise based on specific technologies and client circumstances.
  • Templates and Documentation
    Templates and Documentation
    Best practice guidance to limit the exposure of third-party personal information and mitigate breach risks.
  • Severity Assessment
    Severity Assessment
    Uses individual and household details presented by your client to determine possible breach incident severity and inform clients with an appropriate recommendation.
  • Response Guidance
    Response Guidance
    Advice on key response services for client consideration based on the specific facts of breach incidents.
  • Impacted Party Notifications
    Impacted Party Notifications
    Assistance with drafting notification letters to impacted parties of a breach, including sample letters and review of draft letters by a CyberScout breach adviser.
  • Alternate Notices
    Alternate Notices
    Provides assistance with alternate forms of notice for unusual circumstances.
  • Third-Party Notifications
    Third-Party Notifications
    Assistance with complying with breach notification laws to third parties, including credit companies, bureaus and government agencies.
  • Resolution Services
    Resolution Services

    High-touch resolution for household data breaches to help limit exposure of personal information and mitigate damages.

    *Additional program fees may apply.

  • Public Relations Guidance
    Public Relations Guidance
    PR and communication consulting as needed to minimize damage to your client's reputation.

Deliver superior service for your customer for the benefit of your organization and brand.

Product Development

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Our client marketing team provides internal and external audience market consultation and marketing collateral samples, and helps develop print-ready collateral.

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Unlimited Consultation

Unlimited Consultation

Once your program is up and running, our experts are ready to answer questions and deliver solutions. We help navigate the ever-changing identity theft landscape.

Unlimited Consultation

Our concierge-level service offers your preferred customers a uniquely comprehensive approach to identity management and household breaches.



As a first line of defense, your clients need to be prepared for hackers and identity thieves. They’ll receive proactive identity theft education and assistance from a fraud expert in the event of a personal compromise, household breach or cyber event. No question or request is either too basic or complex for our team of specialists who can help with everything from optimizing privacy settings, to mobile device security best practices, to dealing with home network intrusions. 



Your customers receive access to identity and credit monitoring for suspicious activity related to personal information and financial accounts. Our sophisticated monitoring tool provides immediate awareness of emerging threats from the Internet and public and private databases enabling timely, effective responses. Moreover, your clients have an ally on their side every step of the way.



At the first sign of potential exposures or breaches, our team provides 24/7 consultative support for the household, including children, to address individual and household compromises. Our proactive education helps minimize future crimes and life disruptions by reducing the likelihood of financial or medical fraud, account takeovers, home network malware attacks, and vendor or employee mishaps resulting in other serious crimes.



Should any member of a client household suffer a personal compromise, we do whatever it takes, for as longs as it takes, to handle the identity theft or account takeover. Should your client experience a household breach, our team of cyber and fraud resolution experts provides specialized assistance to determine the nature and source of the intrusion, restore security and remediate any issues caused by it.


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