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Election Security and Privacy Services
Identify and eliminate voting process vulnerabilities

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Election Security and Privacy Services

Election Security and Privacy Services

Strengthen voter trust in election results with Election Security and Privacy Services. These consulting services combine the capabilities of leading data breach and privacy defense experts with world-renowned voting system experts to help elections boards:

  • Secure voter data and rolls
  • Mitigate voting system vulnerabilities
  • Ensure reliability and accuracy of results
  • Review new initiatives for security holes


How Election Security and Privacy Services works for you

Restore trust in the freedom and fairness of elections by establishing the right defenses and controls ahead of time.



Election Security and Privacy Services analyze your entire voting infrastructure and processes to identify vulnerabilities and fix issues across four key areas:

  • Privacy of voter data and rolls. Assess hacking vulnerabilities and provide guidance for properly securing networks.
  • Security of voting processes and systems. Perform vulnerability testing and an infrastructure survey, cataloging attack surfaces and building a threat model.
  • Evidence of the results. Consult on post-election auditing procedures, recommending the most effective audit methodology and strategy.
  • Strategy for new initiatives. Define security requirements for future systems, and build in privacy to design and process.


Election Security and Privacy Insurance Services are built around a partnership between CyberScout and Nordic Innovation Labs, which was founded by Harri Hursti, one of the world’s leading authorities on election voting security. The partnership brings an unparalleled combination of expertise and capabilities, delivering:

  • The gold standard in voting system security
  • A strong identity protection heritage
  • Scalability and customization according to needs
  • Sophisticated penetration testing against networks and voting machines
  • Independence from vendor or party influence

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