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FraudScout provides 24/7 identity theft and fraud detection, protection and restoration for your customers.

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Early detection is the best protection and is the first line of defense in the fight against identity fraud. Offer your customers an integrated platform that goes beyond simple credit monitoring to provide comprehensive fraud, credit, Internet and card monitoring services coupled with 24/7 dedicated support.


  • Customized monitoring solutions provides up to 3-credit bureau reporting
  • Non-interest fee income or customer loyalty program
  • Fast go-to-market support including marketing and training
  • 24/7 Resolution Center Support Team
  • Regulatory expertise
  • No direct selling

Most fraud takes place under the radar. Personal data is taken from social media networks. Malware on a computer captures personal information. Lines of credit are opened with stolen data. A data breach exposes email addresses, passwords and other uniquely identifiable information. The damage from all of these exposures can be disastrous, but FraudScout keeps a watchful eye on both credit information and your customers’ online reputations. 

FraudScout monitors a full-range of credit and non-credit information that’s used to commit fraud. It scours public and private databases, social media channels, and the Internet black market for the presence and possible misuse of customer identities and credit data. If FraudScout detects potentially unscrupulous activity, your customers receive an alert followed by access to 24/7 full resolution support from our experienced fraud specialists who will help them every step of the way.


FraudScout offers your customers the following tools to monitor their personal information on the Internet to best protect their identities and financial accounts:

Proactive Services

Credit Score Summary

Dashboard view of up to three credit scores from TransUnion, Experian, Equifax* (dependent upon service).  One click access to a complimentary credit report keeps tabs on your customer’s credit activity, and monitors for new lines of credit.


Credit Score Tracking

Offers one-touch access to credit scores and annual credit report with notifications, keeping your customers engaged and informed of their credit ranking and activity.

Document Replacement

Cyber Scout

Monitors the black market of identity-theft hackers to pinpoint any suspicious activity happening to consumers.

Child ID Theft

Change of Address

Reports all addresses associated with consumers’ identity, including alerts on changes, in the event a change was initiated without their consent.

Tax ID Theft

Court Records

Monitors municipal court records and alerts consumers if a criminal act is reported under their identity.

Financial ID Fraud

Payday Loans

Monitors online, rent-to-own, and payday lender storefronts with an alert to consumers if a payday loan has been opened using an element of their identity.


Military Support

Sex Offender

Monitors registered sex offenders living in consumers’ area ensuring that the offender does not register under the user’s identity and/or address.

Medical ID Theft

Social Security Trace

Reports on all known addresses and aliases associated with consumers’ Social Security numbers.

Financial ID Fraud

Expense Reimbursement Insurance

Optional expense reimbursement insurance is available in incremental amounts up to $1 million for costs associated with the resolution process. This includes coverage for unauthorized electronic funds transfers. 



In addition to the robust tracking the FraudScout platform provides, CyberScout also offers rich educational content, and dedicated resolution support.

Education Center

The easy-to-navigate portal dashboard provides articles, tips, advice and other helpful information to educate your customers on how to protect their identities and increase their privacy levels. 

 Education Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customers are provided with detailed information on how to effectively use the portal, feature explanation, and how/when to contact the CyberScout resolution center for assistance.

While enrolled in the FraudScout platform, your customers have a trusted, dedicated resource to help them navigate the process and restore their good name. 

24/7 Support

24/7 Service
and Support

Our in-house resolution center is staffed with experienced bilingual fraud resolution specialists and investigators who are available day and night to assist your customers.

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

In addition to a program development team that has expertise in your specific industry, our fraud specialists have an average of nine years of fraud resolution experience and our fraud investigators average 9 years experience in the field.

No-Kit Resolution

No-Kit Resolution

We don’t just hand your customers a binder of instructions on how to resolve their concerns. Instead, our staff works with and on behalf of your customers with step-by-step solutions customized to their individual situations.

No Power of Attorney Required

No Power of
Attorney Required

At a time when your customers are feeling most vulnerable, it’s our belief that they shouldn’t be required to sign over legal authorization via Power of Attorney to a complete stranger to work on their behalf. Our process enables CyberScout to begin working on resolution immediately—not waiting days or weeks for a Power of Attorney document to be executed.

Award-Winning Satisfaction


CyberScout has been the recipient of a number of American Business Awards for Customer Service Satisfaction. In fact, the CyberScout Resolution Center receives top marks in customer satisfaction from resolution victims, achieving 99-percent satisfaction rates or higher since 2010.


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