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No matter your location, CyberScout's webinars bring you informative thought-leadership subject matter right to your office. Whether you're interested in specific content for your industry, or looking for informative best-practice advice in the fight against identity theft and breaches, view CyberScout's industry-leading webinars below.


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The second quarter of 2019 made it clear—financial loss due to cybercrime is on the rise. And while businesses may be more aware of the risk, the combined impact of human error and targeted phishing campaigns mean more organizations are being impacted. Sponsored by CyberScout, this complimentary one-hour webinar will offer:

  • Global insights
  • Best practices for organizations looking to reduce their cyber risk
  • Tips on how to stay ahead of the threats.

You'll also hear from Advisen's cyber data expert, Aloysius Tan, on the latest cyber trends that have surfaced in Advisen's cyber loss database.

Eduard Goodman, Global Privacy Officer at CyberScout, and a panel of experts will join the moderator, Erin Ayers, for the discussion. Make sure your organization is prepared for evolving threats. Don’t miss this special sponsored edition of our quarterly cyber risk series.

Duration: 1 hour

As consumers increasingly worry about the security of their personal information, businesses and governments worldwide are paying attention to data privacy like never before. Change is constant as new regulations and requirements evolve, impacting businesses around the globe.Connected internet users see the need and value of data privacy, but the responsibility for security must be tackled by the combined efforts of individuals, businesses and governments. 

In this white paper you will learn about:

  • Emerging breach law patterns
  • Best practices for businesses
  • Hurdles and solutions

Dom Paci, Director of Global Breach Operations will share the latest patterns and changes and how this impacts your organization.

The growth of cyber coverages offered by mutuals makes it more important than ever to understand how cyber claims differ from traditional claims. Join us for a webinar to learn about the project management approach to these claims involving a multi-disciplinary team including services from:

  • claims management
  • breach response
  • identity services management
  • security and technology consulting
  • legal counsel
  • public relations.

Without deep knowledge of cybercrime and an expert panel to guide them, your policyholders will likely experience complications during a cyber breach resolution process. This can lead to dissatisfaction and even lost revenue. Learn more about successfully navigating cyber insurance claims management by joining us for this expert-led webinar.

Eduard Goodman – Global Privacy Officer, CyberScout

Engaged Customers are happy customers. How engaged are yours?

Watch our webinar now: “Understanding the Rules of Policyholder Engagement.”

You’ll hear our expert panel discuss how the most engaged small business and personal lines customers are often the ones that carriers no longer want to retain because they had a loss and now cost money. This policyholder dilemma creates a distinctive opportunity for you to provide value before a loss occurs.

Cyber risks provide unique opportunities for insurance providers, like you, to own the conversation and provide cost-effective solutions to increase engagement from this group of customers. This webinar discusses how to leverage technology and services in the fight against emerging cyber risks to enable:

  • a greater degree of policyholder risk reduction
  • highly relevant policyholder engagement
  • new revenue streams
  • improved customer retention.

Featured Panelists
Eric WarbasseVP of North American Business Development, CyberScout
Thomas SpierDivision Director of Global Markets, CyberScout
Josh Bradford (Moderator) – Senior Editor, Specialty Editorial, Advisen

The cyber insurance takeup rate spiked in 2018, up 10 percent from 2017, according to the eighth annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management survey.* However, cyber insurance is far from all you can do to reduce cybercrime risk.

Brokers and agents today have an amazing opportunity to reduce an attack on clients and stem losses of their own insurance companies with education and consulting.

This webinar explores several proactive measures to outsmart cyber criminals which can reduce your clients’ risks of experiencing a privacy or security breach. Following are some tactics we explore that you can take to your clients.

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Education and awareness
  • Business risk assessment
  • Breach response planning
  • Phishing testing
  • Data mapping

Featured Panelists

Eric Hodge, Director of solutions, CyberScout
Nate Spurrier, Sr. Director of Business Development, CyberScout

* Security and Cyber Risk Management survey. Zurich North America and Advisen Ltd. 2018

Our children are growing up with the internet, computers and mobile phones. This early exposure brings tremendous convenience, but it also puts them—and families—at a greater risk for cyber threats, according to a new survey from the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout. In addition to school dances and driver’s licenses, young people face dangerous new rites of passage in the form of phishing attacks, cyber bullying and identity theft.

In this webinar, our panelists discuss how the survey results shed light on kids’ social media habits and how parents monitor online behavior. You’ll gain:

      • A clear picture of the cyber threats facing families today
      • A list of the most common methods of attack—and how to defend against them
      • Strategies for educating children about online dangers
      • Elements of good cyber hygiene
      • Proactive and reactive measures to outsmart cyber criminals

Featured Panelists
Eva Velasquez, president and CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center
Matt Cullina, CEO, CyberScout

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