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No matter your location, CyberScout's webinars bring you informative thought-leadership subject matter right to your office. Whether you're interested in specific content for your industry, or looking for informative best-practice advice in the fight against identity theft and breaches, view CyberScout's industry-leading webinars below.


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Based on data from thousands of respondents, Javelin has examined the impact of data breaches on small businesses and their customers and are able to offer a complete picture of the types of damage that can occur to customer relationships and the ever-important bottom line. We have also compiled best practices for preventing breaches and managing the fallout after one occurs.

Watch this webinar archive to learn more around: 

  • The rate at which breaches are affecting small businesses and their customers
  • How small businesses are typically compromised by cybercriminals
  • The effect of data breaches on customer loyalty and repeat revenue
  • The types of data being targeted in small business data breaches
  • Typical remediation steps and associated costs

Peter Moraga, Vice President of Client Development, CyberScout
Al Pascual, Research Director, Head of Fraud & Security, Javelin

Your policyholders may not even be aware of the nefarious threats they now face, such as cryptolockers, EFT fraud—and the devastating impact they could have on their bank accounts.

This important 55-minute webinar explains how cyber threats are evolving, what it means to your policyholders—and how you can gain a competitive advantage by providing protection in emerging risk areas. You will learn about the newest types of challenges, and get answers to following questions:

  • If a business is a victim of cryptolocking, are there data breach implications?
  • Is there case law that sets precedent for cryptolocking incidents?
  • When it comes to EFT fraud, are there different considerations for PII, PHI or PCI incidents?
  • What protections and recourse are available for EFT fraud?
  • How can your company fill key gaps in protection coverage?
  • And much more!

Shawn Moynihan, Editor in Chief, National Underwriter Property & Casualty
Timothy Francis, Vice President Business Insurance, Travelers Insurance
Ken Pruett, Business Development Director, CyberScout

Identity theft isn’t just bad for victims—it’s also bad for their employers. Why? Because productivity and performance drop when employees become overwhelmed with cleaning up the mess identity thieves leave behind. In fact, upwards of 20 percent of employees say that financial concerns have been a distraction at work. 

This informative webcast will explore how brokers and benefits providers can help organizations reduce or eliminate this distraction by offering identity management services. Join us and learn:

Join and Benefits Selling for this vital webcast sponsored by CyberScout, to hear from industry experts regarding:

    • How identity theft takes a toll on employees-and productivity
    • How to use identity theft protection as a strong retention strategy
    • Why education and proactive management matters to employees, staff, and executives.

Page Elliott, Director of Business Development, CyberScout
Ann Patterson, Senior Vice President and Program Director, Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA)
Caroline Marwitz, Digital Managing Editor,

All parts of any organization or company are exposed to potential data breaches and hackers in today’s technology- and data-dependent world.  It is up to you to protect your customers’ information; however, internal resources can often be stretched and insufficient to protect from the greatest threats.  The solution is to find an outside partner to help develop your data breach protection and response programs; however, outsourcing can create some unique issues.

Join us for this 60-minute program to learn how to manage your relationships with vendors that are assisting you with your data breach governance program.  Our panelists will discuss how to create and negotiate effective contractual agreements with vendors; liability issues that can arise in the cybersecurity context when outsourcing your data breach response plan; and the insurance implications of working with a vendor.

Educational Objectives:

  • How to create and navigate contracts with vendors
  • What liabilities can arise when outsourcing a cybersecurity plan, including a discussion of insurance implications
  • How to maintain effective and valuable relationships with vendors when outsourcing a data governance program

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
Practitioners working with cybersecurity matters, particularly those within law firms, insurance companies, and financial services institutions.

Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer, CyberScout
Aravind Swaminathan, Partner, White Collar & Corporate Investigations, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Erez Liebermann, Chief Counsel, Cybersecurity And Privacy; VP & Senior Counsel, Regulatory Law, Prudential Financial

Cost: Complimentary 

You can get the lowdown on risks to your employees and clients and ask questions in our upcoming Protecting the Protector II webcast. Page Elliott, director of business development at CyberScout, and Raygin Burris, director of business development at New Benefits, will cover:

  • Common breach scenarios and identity theft risks
  • How fraud impacts a company’s employees
  • How to find the best identity solutions for your clients and executive management
  • How identity theft solutions can increase revenue channels and protect and strengthen employee relationships

Page Elliott, Director of Business Development, CyberScout
Raygin Burris, Director of Business Development, New Benefits

Data breaches are a top concern for commercial and personal depositors. When sensitive information is exposed, it threatens a company’s reputation and bottom line. Plus, it places customers are at greater risk for identity fraud. If a breach happened tomorrow, would your depositors know what to do? This webinar will explore how education, protection, and remediation programs can help depositors mitigate risk. Join us to learn about data security threats, industry best practices, proactive planning, and more.

  • What is a data breach and what can I do to protect my customers?
  • Are my commercial customers at risk, and what can they do about it?
  • What are the benefits of data breach and identity theft education, protection, and remediation for my bank and my customers?

FEATURED SPEAKER: Peter Moraga, VP of Client Development, CyberScout

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