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How Businesses and Individuals Can Mitigate Cyber Fraud Risks & Protect Their Assets


Your policyholders may not even be aware of the nefarious threats they now face, such as cryptolockers, EFT fraud—and the devastating impact they could have on their bank accounts.

This important 55-minute webinar explains how cyber threats are evolving, what it means to your policyholders—and how you can gain a competitive advantage by providing protection in emerging risk areas. You will learn about the newest types of challenges, and get answers to following questions:

  • If a business is a victim of cryptolocking, are there data breach implications?
  • Is there case law that sets precedent for cryptolocking incidents?
  • When it comes to EFT fraud, are there different considerations for PII, PHI or PCI incidents?
  • What protections and recourse are available for EFT fraud?
  • How can your company fill key gaps in protection coverage?
  • And much more!

Shawn Moynihan, Editor in Chief, National Underwriter Property & Casualty
Timothy Francis, Vice President Business Insurance, Travelers Insurance
Ken Pruett, Business Development Director, CyberScout

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