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Navigating Identity Theft: How to Educate and Protect Your Employees and Clients


Identity theft isn’t just bad for victims—it’s also bad for their employers. Why? Because productivity and performance drop when employees become overwhelmed with cleaning up the mess identity thieves leave behind. In fact, upwards of 20 percent of employees say that financial concerns have been a distraction at work. 

This informative webcast will explore how brokers and benefits providers can help organizations reduce or eliminate this distraction by offering identity management services. Join us and learn:

Join and Benefits Selling for this vital webcast sponsored by CyberScout, to hear from industry experts regarding:

    • How identity theft takes a toll on employees-and productivity
    • How to use identity theft protection as a strong retention strategy
    • Why education and proactive management matters to employees, staff, and executives.

Page Elliott, Director of Business Development, CyberScout
Ann Patterson, Senior Vice President and Program Director, Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA)
Caroline Marwitz, Digital Managing Editor,

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