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The Real Risk of ID Theft: How it Becomes a Company-Wide Problem


Worry is a work-killer. New research shows that one in 10 employees lose a full day of work dealing with fallout from stolen credit cards, hacked devices or data breaches. That’s money lost to your clients— and a problem you can help them solve with one easy-to-administer, revenue-boosting benefit.

This 60-minute webinar will give you proven conversation-starters to show clients how adding identity theft protection to their benefits roster keeps employees focused on work while also helping them attract and retain great talent.

Watch and learn:

  • just how worried employees feel about identity theft
  • the bottom line losses in missed work, skipped meetings and blown deadlines
  • why identity theft protection is becoming a must-have benefit
  • what employees value most in identity theft protection

Victoria McCoy, Executive Vice President Chief of Staff, CyberScout
Nick Rockwell, Senior Consultant, Eastbridge Consulting Group (formerly of LifeLock)

Q&A moderated by Paul Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, BenefitsPro Magazine

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